Mahjongg - Ancient Egypt

Mahjongg - Ancient Egypt

Mahjong game set in the ancient Egypt that offers lots of game variations

This is a mahjong game set in the ancient Egypt that proposes numerous ways of playing the popular board game. As you may surely know, the basic gameplay consists in matching two tiles of identical design, the only rule being that one of their sides should be free, all this with the objective of clearing away all the tiles from the board. Classic and Adventure modes offer a different ways of playing. In classic mode you simply play to advance as much as you can and get a good score. This mode will let you choose among 11 mahjong variations and 400 layouts. Just to clue you in on what these variations are about, in the game called '10' for example, you need to match 10 tiles with a similar design in a row, in 'shuffle' the board will automatically rearrange the tiles every 20 seconds, what requires you an extra effort to recall tiles position.
In adventure mode, in turn, the game features a story that takes you through 15 destinations of ancient Egypt, in the role of an archaeologist in search for a legendary temple. The plot is not very deep actually, but it is interesting to move through the different locations on the map, completing puzzles of increasing difficulty.
Additionally, you can build and save your own layouts and add them up to the game gallery for you to play whenever you want.
The game is fun initially, but doing the same thing during a certain time can be inevitably boring for most gamers. Anyway, visuals in general are great, and the beautiful Egyptian environment the game features deserves to be mentioned.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Nice visuals and depiction of the Egyptian environment
  • Hundreds of game variations
  • You can build your own layouts
  • Bonuses and special tiles


  • Repetitive gameplay
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